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Lottery Sambad is a very good website to see lottery sambad today result. This website will get you the all lotterysambad results. You can view the lottery sambad today result and download here. daily result update time 11:55am, 4pm and 8 pm.

Lottery Sambad Today Result

The lottery sambad today result are published first, second, third times daily similarly 11: 55am, 4:00pm, 8:00pm.  You can download Lotterysambad Today Result.

 Today Result

11:55 Am


Lottery Sambad Today Result

4:00 Pm


  Today Result

8:00 Pm


 How to Download Lottery Sambad Today Result

Click the link above – Click the result of the time that you want to known, like 11:55am, 4pm, 8pm,

Lotterysambad Old Result

You can see and download lotterysambad result. Go to main menu and and select the Old Result option and clicking on the date of the date you want to view and download the lotterysambad results of the date.

Lotterysambad Mobile App Download

You can download our lotterysambad result app. From there you can also see the lotterysambad result and download directly. If you want android app click the download button.     

LotterySambad Today Result  App

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Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Today Result

Nagaland state lottery organized Nagaland government. You can also view and download Nagaland state lottery result.   Click here

You can also go to the main menu and chose Nagaland state lottery option, select the time which time result you want like today 11:55am, 4pm and 8pm. There you will get view and download option.

Sikkim State Lottery Result

Sikkim state lottery is one of the India’s largest lotteries. The Sikkim state lottery organized by the government of the Sikkim, you can also see the Sikkim state lottery result – Click hare or go to the main menu and select Sikkim state lottery page.

Sikkim state lottery result

West Bengal State lottery sambad today result

We will daily update west Bengal state lottery results like Bangalakshmi Result, Bangasheree super draw, Bangabhumi super. Bangalakshmi, Bangasheree, Bangabhumi only play in westbengal.

You can also know West Bengal lottery result in this website –

West Bengal State Lottery Result

Bangalakshmi lotterysambad Result 

Bangashree Super Draw Lotterysambad Result

Bangabhumi Super Draw Lotterysambad Result

Mizoram state lottery – lotterysambad Result today 

You can also check your Mizoram state lottery result. See the today Mizoram state lottery result from their official website.

See the result     Click here

 LotterySambad Claim Forms

All the lottery claim forms you will find at this website, like Nagaland state lottery, Mizoram state lottery, Sikkim State Lotterysambad and West Bengal state lottery. Go to the claim forms page and select the which lotterysambad claim forms you want or Click Here

Sambad lottery

Lotterysambad was playing three times in a day. Lotterysambad first time 11:55AM second time 4PM and third time 8PM. You can also view the lotterysambad today result. Click on the time 11:55am, 4pm, 8pm lotterysambad results which time you want and download the pdf or sdf format.

Kerala lottery – Kerala state Lottery Sambad Today Result

You also know Kerala lottery result in this website. Click here

Punjab State Lotteries – lottery sambad today result

The Punjab state lottery runs by the Punjab government. See the Punjab state lotterysambad today result.

Weekly Lotterysambad result

Monthly Lottery Result

Bumper lottery result –

  1. Punjab State New Year Bumper Result
  2. Punjab State Baishakhi Bumper Result
  3. Punjab State Rakhi Bamper Result
  4. Punjab State Diwali Bamper Result

Maharashtra State Lottery Sambad Today Result

  Lottery name                        

Ganesh Laxmi Shubh Weekly Draw

Padmini Weelky Draw

Mah  Gajlaxmi Weekly Darw

Surabhi Mangal Weekly Draw

Top 13 state India who allow lotterysambad

Lottery is illegal but 13 Indian state support lotteries.

  1. Nagaland
  2. West Bengal
  3. Maharashtra
  4. Kerala
  5. Sikkim
  6. Punjab
  7. Madhya Pradesh
  8. Goa
  9. Assam
  10. Arunachal Pradesh
  11. Meghalaya
  12. Manipur
  13. Mizoram state lottery

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*Note – We are publish lotterysambad today results on our website. But we are not involved with any lottery company, we do not support any lottery companies. We only publish the lottery results in some states.