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Lottery is the best way to earn money or lose money. Are you playing lottery so you can check your lottery sambad today result in our website. We are providing you all lottery sambad today result on single page.

11:55 AM Result

4:00 PM Result

8:00 PM Result

Lottery Sambad Today Result Timing List

We are Publish lottery sambad result three times in a day 11:55 am, 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm. 11:55 am result is Sikkim state lottery result, 4:00 pm result is West Bengal state lottery and 8:00 pm result is Nagaland state lottery. You can download and view three time result in this page.

How to Download Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Result

Sikkim state lottery is plays one time in a day its 11:55 am. Click the 11:55 am result link and you will redirect on Sikkim state lottery sambad today result main page and click 11:55 am button. And you will get the Sikkim state lottery result.

How to Download West Bengal State Lottery Sambad Result

Download and view the West Bengal State lottery sambad result on this website. Click the link above 4:00 pm result. 4:00 pm result is West Bengal State lottery Result. Click the 4:00 pm result button two times and you will get the sambad lottery result.

How to Download Nagaland State Lottery sambad Result

You can also view and download the Nagaland state lottery result. Nagaland state lottery one times in a day 8:00 pm. Click the 8:00 pm result button two times and you will get the Nagaland state lottery sambad result in PDF format.

Download Lottery Sambad official Mobile App

Download our android app and check the lottery result like Sikkim lottery, West Bengal lottery and Nagaland lottery any time an anywhere.

Sambad Lottery Effect in India

More than 40 percent people in India playing lottery in every day. Millions of money invests in a day in India. India some state government are not allowed lottery But some state government are organized lottery like West Bengal, Sikkim, Nagaland, Goa, Mizoram, Punjab, Goa, Kerala, Assam etc.

Lottery Sambad

Lottery sambad is Bengali word that’s means lottery news. The lottery sambad is very popular in India. West Bengal Nagaland and Sikkim this three state are mostly affected in lottery. Almost 45 percent people are affected in lottery.

Lottery Sambad Result Daily Update Time

We are update lottery result per day three time 11:55 am 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm. You will check every day lottery result on this time from our website. You can also download the result in your computer and mobile phone in PDF format.

Lottery Business

Are you unemployed? Do you want to start your own business? You can start your lottery business. No investment. You need a lottery agency license from state government.  Central government not allowed lottery agency licence. And you need a place where you start your business. Some Lottery is a completely legal. So you can start your lottery business boldly.

Nagaland State Lottery Result

Lottery sambad 8:00 pm result is Nagaland state lottery result. Are you played Nagaland state lottery? So you can check lottery sambad today result 8 pm in this website. Nagaland state lottery is the Indian number one biggest lottery agency. Almost 35 percent people playing Nagaland state lottery in India. Nagaland state lottery is played almost all state in India. Per day millions of money is invest in the Nagaland state lottery. Nagaland state lottery are organised by Nagaland state government. Nagaland state lottery official website is – You can also check Nagaland lottery result in this official website.

But official website is very slow to upload their result. They are not publishing on time result. Nagaland lottery play 8:00 pm but official website result publish time is almost 9 pm one hours Della. But our website published the result on time. We are published the Nagaland state lottery result in 8:10 pm. You can view and download the result direct our website only two click. Click the 8: 00 pm result button two times and you will get the result in PDF format. You can also download our Nagaland state lottery result mobile app on your phone. This android app provides you on time lottery result on your phone any time anywhere.

Sikkim State Lottery Result

Sikkim state lottery is third biggest lottery agency in India. The Sikkim state lottery is publishing by Sikkim state government. Sikkim state lottery is played every day.  This lottery playing time is 11:55 am every day. If you want to check your Sikkim state lottery result. We are publishing also Sikkim lottery result on time every day. So you can check easily the result on our website on time. You can also go Sikkim state lottery official website .  Official website publishes the result almost one hour late.

We are publish the Sikkim state lottery result on or website on live time. If you are play Sikkim lottery so you can check the result in this website only two click. Click the 11:55 am result button two times. And you will get the Sikkim lottery result. You can also download the result on your mobile phone and your computer. If you want to direct print so click the print sign above. You will success fully done the print. Download our Sikkim lottery android app on your smart phone. And you check live result on your phone anytime anywhere.