Dhankesari Result Lottery Sambad Today

Dhankesari Lottery Result As we all know, playing lottery is legal in few states of India. Indian government established lottery platform to lift up their poor community. Lottery provides a decent chance to win Million of rupees. Everyone has had equal chance of winning because of its 100% correct distribution of prize. Dhankesari Lottery is one of the most popular and famous lottery among all the people of India.

Dhankesari Lottery is very cheap and well-known lottery in the entire country. It has lot of members who worked sincerely. The lottery draw held 3 times in a day. The results will be available on our site at specific time. There are various 3 draws which held in a day which are given below!

  1. 1:00 PM
  2. 6:00 PM
  3. 8:00 PM

All of you can present in the Indian state can buy lottery for only one Indian rupee. Results will be available on our page after given time. Therefore, stay connected with us in order to know the results in time. We ensure you to give our 100% while launching lottery and giving their results in given time.

What is Dhankesari?

As we mentioned above the Dhankesari is an amazing lottery system. In which you have opportunity to become millionaire. Buy the cheapest lottery ticket and check your luck. Bu tickets until you win the draw. From this lottery system you can find, how lucky you are in the entire state! Lottery prize draw three times in a day. Take part in lottery and get a suitable chance of winning.

Dhankesari lottery result today 1:00 PM, 6 PM & 8 PM

Here, you will find dhankesari lottery results three times in a day. Check results from our website for free anytime and anywhere. Stay tuned with us and enjoy gigantic lottery prize. Buy lottery tickets and check your luck that, are you lucky from all other recipients? Win the exclusive prize form lottery and change your life style.

Dhankesari lottery result 1:00 PM

It is a first type of dhankesari which is also known as Sikkim state lottery. It is well known among people in the name of Sikkim state lottery which carried about 16 lakh value. 16 Lac is a very huge amounts, it can change your whole life in no time.

Dhankesari lottery result 6 PM

The draw which held at 6 PM also named as West Bengal state lottery. This lottery type of lottery also contains prize bond of 16 lakh in Indian currency. Lottery provided all of the state people an equal chance of getting rich. Take part in exclusive lottery by buying extra cheap lottery ticket. 

Dhankesari lottery result 8 PM

Dhankesari lottery result 8 PM is also known as Nagaland state lottery. It is the most famous and popular type of dhankesari in the entire country. People used to buy tickets of Nagaland state lottery because it has greater prize then all other types. The lottery also has many of members and centers in India. Therefore, people trust Nagaland state lottery much more than other lotteries in the country.


What should I do after buying ticket?

Write your name, address and signature on the back-side of ticket. Don’t forget to write your name properly as prize depends upon it. 

Can I participate in the draw?

Yes! Anyone of you can participate in the draw where dhankesari lottery is legal.

Can I win a prize?

Of course! You can win a prize because everyone has equal chances of winning the prize through ballots system.

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