Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Today 6:00 PM Result

Are you curious about the latest Lottery sambad results and willing to cash your win.  So you are on the right website here you will find all the information and results related the Sambad lottery and all the other lotteries like Nagaland state lottery and many more. So check the latest results and updates regarding the Nagaland state and the other entire famous Indian lottery draws. We publish lottery sambad results on the daily basis. You can find the three draws results on ouer website which are

The result of nangaland state sambad lottery is down below. Just click on the download and a PDF format file will be there to serve you. And we wish all of you best of luck to become the millioners.

All the nangaland state sambad lottery ticket holders can verify their tickets and also the result on our website so for latest results and updates keep, visiting our website. This web site is exclusively providing all the lottery results of all time along with previous results as well. Propel search lottery sambad with different names all you will find this website to verify your results. Some of the related names are

Lottery Sambad 6 pm

AajTak Lottery Sambad

dear Lottery Sambad

Rajshree Lottery Sambad

 Lottery sambad today popularity chart

Sambad lottery is a popular gambling game across the India. A couple of years ago the Indian Supreme courts allowed states to put complete ban on these kind of gambling practices across the country. But all around the country only 13 states officially allow these lottery and gambling practices. These states are Nagaland, Kerala, Maharashtra, Goa, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, and Mizoram. 

This chart shows the popularity of Lottery sambad across the inda in different states 

Arunachal perdeshPunjab Chandigarh
AssamWest Bengal 

These are some of the leading areas that are famous of Lottery sambad in india.

Lottery sambad result announcement Schedule

Lottary sambad Morning result 01:00 PM

The firt draw of lottery sambad is conducted in the morning at 11: 55 am. After conducting the depp reseach we found that above 70% of the lottery ticket holders preffer the morning draw of Nangaland lottery sambad . the morning result of lottary sambad will be uploaded on the website after the 10 mints of the draw. You can easliy find the detail draw on our website.

The details of 11 weekly morning draws of Nangaland lottert Sambad is as follwed.

Dear loving Morning

  • The draw is held on Monday at 1:00 pm. We publishe the results after 10 mints of the draw. The morning winner will get the Rs.11 laks.

Dear sincear Morning

  • This draw is held on Tuesday at 1:00 pm and the winner will get Rs. 11.8 laks

Dear Faithful Morning

  • This drawis held on Wednesday at 01:00 pm and the winner wil get Rs. 11.8 lakhs.

Dear kind Morning

  • This draw is held on thrusday at 1:00 pm and the winner will get the Rs.11.8 laks.

Dear Tender Morning

  • This draw is held on Friday at 1:00 pm and the winner will get Rs. 11.8 lakhs.

Dear Gental Morning

  •  This draw is held on Saturday 1:00 am and the winner will be awared with Rs. 11.8 lakhs

Dear Affectionate Morning

  • This draw is held on Sunday and the winner will get Rs.11.8 Lakh

Lottery sambad 6:00 Pm Day Result

Actually Lottery Sambad 6 PM draw is held in West Bengal. lottery Sambad 6pm draw has nothing to do with Nagaland. As compared to 1 PM Moring lottery Sambad draw low number of participants take part in 4 PM lottery Sambad.

Lottery Sambad night result 8 PM

The 8:00 pm Lottery Sambad draw is held in Nagaland. It is commenly reffers to the term of Night lottery Sambad. Night lottery sambad is very popular lottery in Nagaland but as compared t  morning lottery Sambad it is below the average. People search this lottery result with various terms commonly the night lottery sambad results atc.

Lottery Sambad Winner Prize List

The lottery Sambad deparment managed the lottery with Two diggerent names

  • Morning Lottery sambad
  • Evening Lottery sambad

The prize mony on these lotteries are varies from time to time but the face value of the both lottriey tickets are same Rs 11. The complete variation of prize money is given below

  • The First number winner will get Rs. 11.8 Lakhs
  • The second number winner will get Rs 11000 or 11 K
  • The third Number winner will get Rs 1100 
  • The founth number winner will get Rs 110
  • Respectivly for the Fith number winner the prize money is Rs.111
  • Consolidation of prize money is kept with the Rs 11000

Dear lottery sambad 2024

Well if you believe in the luck and the stars and if you purchased a nangaland lottery sambad ticket and searching for results and other lates analyis about the lottery sambad and you are readin this text. So you are on the right and trusted website. Lottery sambad espacially the nanagaland lottery sambad will change your life and give you Maximum Rs 55 laks as prize money. If you purchased only Rs.11 Nangaland lottery sambad ticket. This lottery ticket is so cheap that everyone can affored it and also run a check on his/her luck. let’s have a look on dear Lottery Sambad draw result.

Important factors of Lottery sambad

If you are Curious about how you can considerably increase the chance of winning the lottery Sambad and also hit the jackpot. 

Here are the top 10 lotteries Sambad useful and important tips that can surely  make you millionaire.

  1. First of all place your bet as early as possible. If you will wait for the last mintue it may cause losing the bet or ending the time which will make you out of the draw.
  2. The lottary sambad night draw is a purely luck base game if you havent win anything previously better noy lose hope or motivation just give it a try. How knows you luck will change at any time so stay motivated and keep trying. This will help you to play constantly with a lot of energy and without losing hope.
  3. Buy your own bets. Don’t ask your family or friends to buy it for you. Because if you lose the other person will harrase you for the money on the other hand if you win he/she will ask for a specific percentage of the prize.
  4. Choose the numbers carefully without any doubt. You are also directed do not use your lucky numbers, birtdays, or anyother family number. Here is a bonus for you just conduct a research about the previous draws see what are the numbers that pops up continiously in the previous draws and aslo check the analytics for the best combination of the numbers.
  5. The use of tipping services cost you a lot. These kind of services pass the same information to a lot players. So just conduct a simple research about the previous draws check the nuber patterns and you will definatly came a cross the best and winning number combinations.
  6. For the reseach the lottery sambad will provide you the imformation. This will also provide the system and the required information for the research that you require.
  7. You should have to choose the numbers in a proper squence that are related to the draws and write the numbers in a box draw the number order.
  8. Never pick the repeated number not at all. Any number that is previously on the hot don not pick that again. Many prople make this mistake. Be logical and wise while choosing the number for lottery sambad.
  9. It is also prohibited for you to choose the number on arithmetic sequence. Chossing the number in the sequence will never work in lottery sambad draws. The lottery sambad number noy choosen by the machines so it is very hard to follow the sequence.
  10. Buy more then one lottery sambad tickets at once an place your bets on a  verity of numbers. This wasy the chances if hitting the jackot will inrease.

Lottery sambad results 

On this perticuler web site you will find all the latested alon with the previous draw results for the Nanga land lottery sambad.we will provide you the PDF format file that you can download from dirclty from the link below.

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